Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bearded Dragon drinking?

I almosst never see my bearded dragon drink. She has a bowl of water, but it's only a rare occasion when she drinks from it. I do mist her from a water bottle though. How often shoud she drink? How often should I mist her? Should it be special water she's drinking, because it's only tap water. Please help!
The only time they will really drink from a dish is if they are extremely thirsty. What I do with mine is a few times a week I run warm water in the bath tub and put them in there for about 15 minutes. They usually drink as soon as I put them in there. That way I know that they are staying hydrated.
Shes probably okay. Dont forget her tank has ALOT of moisture in it if you spray her.
When I was working at a pet store, I almost never saw the reptiles drink water. They are desert animals and are designed to go without water when necessary. As long as you are providing water (tap water is okay) the animal should drink when thirsty.
I've included more info on Bearded Dragon care.
nope, the waters fine. bearded dragons and other lizards generally don't drink water instead they get it through their food or absorb it through their skin. you're more likely to see it sitting in the water bowl than actually drinking the water.
First off..what kinda bedding are you using for the cage? If you're using the English Ground walnut shells, I'd be VERY careful about spraying the tank, because that type of bedding actually can cause mold to grow in your tank and on your lizard. Then eventually, make it very sick. No special water needed, just tap water. As long as you are providing her with fresh water daily, there's nothing to worry about.
most beardies dont drink much, because the habitat they come from is dry and lacks water. mist her once a day, and hold they spray bottlein a solid stream to her mouth without getting it in her nose. beardies get most of their water from veggies, so dont worry too much.
most bearded dragons wont learn to drink out of a water bowl and prefered to be misted. i mist mine 2 to 3 times a day and i wet them pretty good. i would not worry about it not drinking out of the bowl!

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